Turning on the lightbulb with superpowers. Experience created with Arduino and Kinect using motion capturing software. 



I am an Interaction designer experienced in User-centered design and design strategy. Born and raised in the Netherlands and living in Stockholm. I hold a BsC in Industrial Design with the focus on interactive systems and products. Currently, I am pursuing my Master in Interaction Design with the focus on User-centered Design from Umeå Institute of Design. 


Too me, the design process should contain a healthy balance between methodologies and creativity. On one hand, design is strategic. Whenever we are designing products and systems for people and brands, we can not simply design in the blind. We need to deeply understand the current situation of our users, changes in society, trends and brand values. Only then we can create a perception of what the future holds for us.

Personally, I like dealing with these complex challenges in projects. It requires a bright and critical mind to be able to see through the complexity. At the end of this process, the outcome will have a deeper impact, striving for transformation in both society and brands.

On the other hand, design is about blind creativity, being able to close your eyes and take leaps of faith. Only when you blindly trust yourself, I believe one can come up with true innovative concepts at new dimensions. Being able to find the perfect balance between methodologies and pure creativity is what makes me striving forward.


I would love to connect with you to talk about our future.

trieuvy (at) trieuvyluu.nl

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Human-Centered Design Research
Design Strategy
Contextual Inquiry
Participatory Design
Workshop Facilitation
Experience Prototyping

Work Experience
2016 | Howl Design Studio | Junior Interaction Designer
2015 | Howl Design Studio | Interaction Design Intern
2014 | Joost and Kiki | Art & Design Intern

2014 - 2017 | Umeå Institute of Design | MFA Interaction Designs
2013 Spring | Carnegie Mellon University | BFA Industrial Design
2010 - 2015 | Eindhoven University of Technology | BsC Industrial Design

Awards & Honours
2016 | IXDA 2016 Best In Category Engaging
2016 | IXDA 2016 Best Student
2015 | Red Dot Design Award 2015 Service Winner
2015 | Core77 Design Award Interaction Winner
2015 | Core77 Design Award Commercial Equipment Notable
2014 | OzCHI24 2014 Student Design Challenge Runner-up Finalist

Forestry 2020: A Multimodal Interface in a Semiautomated Vehicle Presented at SIDeR 2015 in Kolding, Denmark
Personalised Food Printing
Presented at the CHI 2014 conference for HCI in Sydney, Australia

Conference Workshops
Between You and Me: Using us as an Exploration Tool
Workshop at the Design Anthropological Futures conference in Copenhagen, Denmark