"Dear reader, I am extremely proud to present you my latest work, a short film called ‘Data Economy’. Data Economy is the result of a design fiction project with my colleague and best friend Martijn. We started studying design together back in Eindhoven in 2010, and this month we are both graduating together from our Masters in Umeå. This short film shows both our love and dedication to design, storytelling and pushing each-other for the highest possible result. This production wouldn’t be possible with someone else. As we often said during the project: 'Two machines, one brain'. 

I hope you enjoy watching!


Data Economy (2016)

10 Week group project with my colleague Martijn van den Broeck


This design fiction short film “Data Economy” explores how far people are willing to go to satisfy their individualistic hunger to consume, by creating a tension between consumerism and data collection. Watch the video here:


We have published a Medium article about the design process of Data Economy. Read more about it here.