What if..

we can bring back the intimacy of an eye to eye conversation
to digital communication over social media?

Mirror (2014)

1 Week group project with Arvid Jense, Koen Scheltenaar and Sjors Mouthaan



For thousands of years we expressed ourselves in body language, posture, attitude. This all has become lost since the creation of social media. Mirror proposes a new way of typing in which the writer is able to translate his micro-expression into the conversation. Pressure, duration, speed, time. All these hidden subtleties are expressed in a conversation resulting in a landscape of letters and words. The end result is a unique visualisation of the conversation between two people. 



We are happy to demonstrate you a prototype in-progress. Please try out the prototype here! Mirror is a platform in-progress which is currently in development by Trieuvy Luu, Koen Scheltenaar, Sjors Mouthaan and Arvid Jense.


hands-on design Process

This one week project started with a selection of poems and no project brief. Our decision-making and framing was influenced by our experiments. Along the process we decided to name our platform Mirror, as it refers to the poem 'Mirror' by Sylvia Plath. The video contains our experimental approach, metaphors of the poems, moodboards, user experiments and inspiration.