This is my design journal in which I post a little bit of everything. THINGS I LOVE DOING AFTER WORK.


Making interactive backlit mirrors for the office. This is just the start of this project.



That moment when you are 22 iterations further, and your processing code reached 2800+ lines. #interactiveprototypes.

@Howl Design Studio, November 2015 


The Malmo office flew over to Stockholm for the Howl days. One big happy studio!

@ Stockholm, September 2015


You better be a good dancer if you want to come in THIS studio.

@ Howl design studio, September 2015


Hi there.

@ Howl, September 2015


Smile detection library by the famous Bryan Chung.

@ Howl, August 2015


Excited! Today was the first day at Howl Design studio. 

@ Stockholm, August 2015


We were asked to throw a workshop at the Anthropology Design conference. This is one of our participants, how cool does that look huh? #KADK

@ Copenhagen, August 2015


Taken during the UID Degree show. You can see all the clients on the background.

@ Umea, May 2015


Now, this is what I call a virtual fistbump.

@ UID, April 2015


Playing around in Processing. I really recommend you to read the processing book 'Generative design'. 

@ UID, April 2015


Just doing a regular cup-of-coffee with my two team members. But.. Oh wait.

@ UID, April 2015


What if, we could give emojis a physical form?

@UID, April 2015


Making people cutting trees for our Forestry 2020 project at the SIDeR 2015 conference.

@ Kolding, March 2015


Lasercutted post-it notes. These little fellows will help us the next coming weeks in our Ethnographic research studies.

@Umea, March 2015


Amazing multi-tasking talented team member Aylin doing both the recording, writing and asking questions and translating.

@ Umea, Februari 2015


The view in the heart of winter just outside the school of design.

@ UID, January 2015


As soon as we found out, nobody would ever buy an electric motorbike for practical reasons. We went around the campus asking about people's last real exciting moment.  

@ UID, February 2015


Shooting a product video in the hospital. Big thank you to little Diego for being the best and cutest actor in history.

@ Umea Hospital, January 2015


This video is simply brilliant. Love the acting so much. Oh ps. This was supposed to be a one day sound design assignment. Guess we had a little bit too much fun.

@ UID, January 2015


What if, your light becomes alive when you shake it? #interactiveMusicInstallation

@UID, December 2014


If the camera did not capture this, I would almost believe it was interactive paper. #paperprototyping

@OzCHI24, October 2014


The only 5 crazy people in class who decided to do a 24-hour design challenge right after we finished a project deadline. Picture taken at Friday 3 AM.

@ UID, October 2014

2014-09-18 17.10.31.jpg

Beauty can be found everywhere.

@ Nydala lake, August 2014


Oh yes, the classic walking away video shot. 

@ UID, August 2014