Hi, I am Trieuvy Luu

I am an Interaction Designer creating delightful user experiences in the realm of physical and digital products.

For more than 7 years, I have been bringing ideas into the market for clients such as Blueair, Ikea, Dell, Fairphone, Profoto, Electrolux, and Evoko. When the intersection of physical and digital design is done right, it feels like one coherent experience.  

I just joined a brilliant team of product lovers to work on new future products and services for reMarkable in Oslo.

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My 3 superpowers

1. The Future Of 

I help my clients see the future. I am a born workshop facilitator, but it is by co-creating together that we can unravel future visions and experiences.

2. UX Responsible

Working in large multi-disciplinary teams can be challenging. I always lead the team by taking a helicopter perspective on the problem and representing the user. Every decision we make together should lead to a better user experience. 

3. UX Videos

I can quickly turn an idea on a post-it note into a full experience by creating UX videos. Give me a few hours and I’ll show you! Like we did for IKEA: 

At my core, I am a human-centered designer and researcher

Translating actual user needs into meaningful experiences is something I am very proud of. I love being in the field doing ethnography work.

They call me the wizard of UX prototyping, and quick iterations are my magic formula

Time is crucial in product development. I can rapidly mock-up any experience with an Arduino and cardboard. If it is digital, I do it in Figma and Premiere. We can start user-testing next week! 

I am a creative maker. One of the things I love organizing are hackathons for my team and clients. 

Nurturing my team and the work culture is always my priority.

I feed off your creativity, but you get it 10x multiplied back. That's how we can thrive together. 

I am also the co-founder and organiser of the Speculative Futures Stockholm meet-up events.

Several times a year, my team organizes meet-ups for people to talk about responsible futures. We invite speakers to the event and we finish the evening with a creative workshop. Each event has been a full-house.

Whenever I am not at work, I am somewhere out there speaking at events, lecturing and tutoring design students. Last year, we got a visit from the national Swedish news channel SVT interviewing me about future technologies. 

You made it this far!

Why don’t you send me a message on Linkedin or at trieuvy@trieuvyluu.nl and I would love to hear more about you!